Play Therapy Training Counseling & Training Center offers a variety of training sessions for counselors, registered play therapists & those seeking additional training. Join Dr. Blocker as she offers exciting, experiential training on play therapy theory, methods, techniques, and interventions to specific populations using play, art, drama, sand tray, and other expressive techniques. Two types of training are offered: direct & non-contact. Direct training sessions occur in a live, face-to-face, setting at a set time & place. Non-contact training occurs at your own pace and is offered at a significantly reduced price.
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Play Therapy Training Sessions


Direct (Face-to-Face) Training Sessions

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If you would like training for your organization or small group (minimum 6 people), please contact to explore options.



How do I document THIS?!?: Creating theoretically-based play therapy documentation


September 8th, 2017, 9:00 am to 2:30 pm (with 30 minute break from lunch)

Children’s Advocacy Center of Central Texas

402 N. Main St.

Belton, Texas 76513

$95 (5 CE’Us)

Documentation and treatment planning is easily the most difficult part of the play therapists everyday practice. In this APT-Approved training session, participants will be guided through the initial phase of treatment with individuals and families in the play therapy setting. Participants will practice play therapy case conceptualization and create theoretically-based treatment plans and goals from mock case-studies and play therapy video demonstrations. Appropriate documentation and forms will also be reviewed with sample forms provided and information regarding how to document play themes, toys used etc.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Practice documentation skills using a play therapy video demonstration(s)
  2. Gain increased awareness of play themes, how they present in play therapy sessions, and how to document
  3. Learn to holistically conceptualize play therapy clients to create effective treatment plans
  4. Learn how write play therapy focused treatment plans based on individual play therapy theoretical orientation.

In addition to RPT, CEU’s are also offered for Texas LPC’s, LMFT’s, & LMSW’s


Non-Contact (Distance) Play Therapy Training/CEU’s 

Non-Direct training requires at-home reading, followed by an open book, multiple choice exam. This is an excellent and affordable way to earn CEU’s at an individual, flexible pace. Non-contact training may require the purchase of the specified book for training (see specific training for details).


Application of Theory in Play Therapy

$99 (20 CEU’s)

Using the text Play Therapy Theory and Practice: Comparing Theories and Techniques (2nd ed.) by Kevin O’Conner & Lisa Braverman (2009), registrants  will briefly answer open-ended questions about each theory presented and then write a conceptualization of their own theory in practice. This training is intended to help registrants critically analyze their own theory and practice of play therapy. *Text required; not included in price of purchase.


1)      Learn the key concepts of differing play therapy theories to include: Psychodynamic, Jungian, Adlerian, Gestalt, Child Centered, Filial, and Theraplay.

2)      Understand how each play therapy theory is similar or different from current theoretical orientation

3)      Formulate one’s own play therapy clinical focus.

In addition to RPT, CEU’s are also offered for Texas LPC’s and LMFT’s.


Application of Supervision in Play Therapy

$50 (6 CEU’s)

Using the text Supervision can be playful: Techniques for child and play therapist supervisors by Athena Drewes and Jodi Ann Mullen, registrants will briefly answer questions regarding supervision style and theoretical orientation, ethical issues, and competency of special populations. This training is intended to help play therapists integrate the text into personal supervision model. *Text required; not included in price of purchase.


1) Learn the different types of supervision styles and how they may be applied to play therapy

2) Understand the role of cultural competence in ethical play therapy supervision

3) Identify the indicators of transference and countertransference and understand how to respond in supervision

4) Increase awareness of specific special populations in play therapy and supervisory requirements

In addition to RPT, CEU’s are also offered for Texas LPC’s and LMFT’s. 6 CEU’s awarded


Book Study: “Hidden Treasures: A Map to the Child’s Inner Self” 

$50 (6 CEU’s)

Hidden Treasures: A Map to the Child’s Inner Self (2007),  is the follow-up to the popular Windows to Our Children (1978) by Violet Oaklander. This book study is ideal for individual’s looking for Gestalt interventions and advanced theoretical knowledge. ** Text required; not included in purchase price.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify major components of Gestalt play therapy including contact, introjections, I/Thou relationship, and aggressive energy.

2. Understand how to apply Gestalt play therapy to various ages including young children and adolescents.

3. Learn at least five specific Gestalt play therapy interventions.


Play Therapy Ethics (3 CEU’s)

*No text required. Reading material will be emailed within 48 hours of payment*

This training reviews the ethical Best Practices by APT and they impact potential ethical issues in play therapy. Of special focus will documentation and confidentiality of the child-client and play therapy sessions. APT’s white paper on touch will also be reviewed and the use of therapeutic touch will be explored including when it is appropriate, when it is contraindicated, and the limits in various treatment settings

  1. Review the Ethical Decision Model as it applies to play therapy ethics
  2. Understand the impacts of confidentiality violation on the play therapy therapeutic relationship and how to appropriately handle
  3. Explore and understand the benefits of APT’s white paper on touch including the limitations of touch

This training offers CEU’s for Texas LMFT & LPC in addition to RPT.


Book Study: Theraplay

$99 (15 CEU’s)

Theraplay is especially effective for those conducting play therapy with children under 5 and with children demonstrating developmental delays. Learn how to incorporate Theraplay into your existing play therapy practice. Utilizes the book “Theraplay: Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play” by Phyllis Booth & Ann Jernberg (2010). **Text not included**

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the history of Theraplay and its impacts on the field of play therapy

2. Learn an effective way to conduct play therapy with children under five.

3. Know when to incorporate Theraplay into your play therapy practice and when it is contraindicated.

4. Learn what type of issues/children/families benefit from Theraplay

5. Gain specific play therapy skills and playful techniques to use with various Attachment-Based child/family issues.

6. Differentiate the four Theraplay dimensions and learn which play therapy interventions to use for each dimension.


CEU Provider #’s

APT Approved Provider: # 11-302

LPC Provider #1561

LMFT Provider #627

LMSW Provider #6148


Attendance & Return policy

**Attendance at full workshop required. Late arrival and early departures will result in adjusted CEU hours**
**No returns for missed training sessions**
72 hour cancellation required. When at least 72 cancellation provided, fee paid will be
credited to future training session (minus $10 processing fee) or issued via check (minus 50%). Less than 72 hour cancellation results in forfeiting 100% of amount paid.



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