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Dr. Renee Blocker has advanced training working with children and holds a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor designation. She has been working with children for over 10 years and also teaches and trains extensively in the areas of child development and play therapy. Every clinician seeing children at HCTC has either completed the designation or is actively receiving advanced training and supervision in specialized methods with children and adolescents.

Using play therapy and other expressive therapies, we are able to connect with children and adolescents in a meaningful way that makes sense to them.¬†Play therapy allows children to work through issues using their language and effective for children ages 3 to about 12 depending on the child’s developmental level and maturity. Research has shown play therapy increases self-esteem & self-confidence, empowers children, increases empathy and ability to express self, and increases problem-solving and coping skills just to name a few.


Adolescent therapy is much more “talk” based as we process through the difficult emotional, social, and family issues in their lives. Elements of art and other expressive therapies and/or games are often infused into sessions which create not only therapeutic experiences but a more relaxed environment for the adolescent to “be themselves”. We often find that adolescents need that outside person to process issues and explore options and are generally very successful in therapy and making outside changes.

Families and Parenting

At HCTC, we are committed to family functioning and will involve parents as much as therapeutically possible. We understand that for an individual to change, changes are generally needed in their environment if change is to be meaningful and long lasting.

The following issues often  indicators for the need for therapy:

Behavioral Issues

School Difficulties


Grief & Loss

Social Skills



Developmental Issues

Attachment Problems



** Please note**

In accordance to the State Board of Examiners, a copy of a divorce decree must be on file for any minor child named in a custody agreement. A child may not begin services until decree is received and only the child’s legal guardian is able to enroll a child in therapy. Documentation, including copies of driver’s licenses is requried.

Holistic Counseling and Training Center is currently only conducting consultation, supervision, and training services. Please email for more information.


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