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Holistic Counseling and Training Center was founded in 2007 by Dr. Renee Blocker, Ph.D., LPC-S in effort to provide the community with counseling focused on the whole person (family, system, child, body-mind-spirit,…) rather than focusing on symptoms or behavior. At HCTC, we believe all negative/maladaptive behavior serves some “purpose”. For example, it is commonly known that drug and alcohol abuse is used to avoid emotions/situations or disassociate. We further believe that behavioral problems in children, relationship issues, career dissatisfaction, anxiety/depression, and so onĀ are all indicators of issues. By understand the “purpose” of the behavior or symptom, we are able to address the bigger issue and replace negative behavior, emotions, and thoughts with more healthy and functioning ways of interacting.

By taking into account the whole person, individuals gain greater insight into their life and have the opportunity to make deeper and longer lasting changes. All HCTC clinicians are body-oriented and use the body as vehicle for understanding, insight, and growth. Connecting thoughts to sensations allows for a more dynamic process in therapy and one which is typically faster than traditional talk therapy.

Our team of clinicians have advanced training in play therapy, hypnosis, Integral Breath Therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, child & adolescent issues, and trauma healing.

Holistic Counseling and Training Center is currently only conducting consultation, supervision, and training services. Please email hctcenter@gmail.com for more information.


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