Integral Breath Therapy

Breath therapy is a powerful form of personal enhancement which uses the breath to increase the mind/body connection. By using the breath in a specific way, individuals are able to tap into greater depths of consciousness and process issues at a more meaningful level. Many individuals who experience breathwork note how much quicker core issues are resolved when compared to traditional talk therapy. When paired with carefully selected breathwork music, the journey can be even more powerful. Breathwork can be done individually with Dr. Blocker or in a group format.

Individual: Open to Dr. Blocker’s active individual clients only. Sessions combine elements of expressive therapies, talk therapy, guided imagery, body, ¬†and breath work.

Group: This group is a non-therapeutic group and open to the community after pre-screening. Groups occur the second Saturday of every month and is more affordable ($65). Please note: this group is not considered therapy and is not a substitute for individual therapy. For more questions email

Holistic Counseling and Training Center is currently only conducting consultation, supervision, and training services. Please email for more information.



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